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Nourish Kitchen & Bakery

Nourish Kitchen makes the food you want to eat, the food you should eat. Delicious, healthful baked goods, ready made meals and pantry items, all made with organic ingredients that are locally and ethically sourced, no refined sugars and all of the flavour. Paleo, Keto and plant based options available. Always Gluten Free, Always Delicious.

Heyday Fermentables

Heyday’s fermented food kits include the fresh ingredients, seasoning and easy-to-follow instructions you need to start fermenting foods at home. Fermented foods are dishes like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. They’re a natural source of fresh probiotics — good bacteria — that grow during the fermentation process. Eat better and feel better by adding fermented foods that you make yourself.

Trevor’s Pizza

Trevor's Pizza is a small batch, artisan frozen pizza dough and pizza sauce production company. You get to enjoy the best pizza in the world, in your kitchen, with the most difficult part of the work done for you. Just supply your favorite cheese and toppings. Everything you love about pizza and nothing you hate, delivered to your door. Trevor's Pizza is being produced in Calgary, and is available to order for delivery to anywhere in the Calgary and surrounding area.

Delish Ballz

Delish Ballz is real, organic, without preservatives, and with local ingredients round shape sweet and savoury. It's a solution to the weekly meal plans. Keep them in the freezer and prep them for dinner, lunch, kidslunchbox or kidssnacks Just take them out of the freezer, thaw them, pop them into the oven and voila!

TBB Desserts

We're a sassy husband and husband dessert shop Our cheesecake names may or may not be appropriate for all ages!

The Yeastie Boys

We are a small batch vegan bread maker, which just means we make honest to goodness bread with real ingredients and no eggs or dairy.

Mary's Jikoni

East African Inspired dishes: Mandazi (African doughnuts), Chapati (African flat bread/pita), Bean soup, Split pea soups etc.

Carribean delights 2 Go

Caribbean Delights 2 Go serves up Jamaican/Canadian Cuisine featuring Natural juices, Jamaican Ginger beer(not a beer, just the name), Pineapple Ginger. Home style restaurant quality everyday meals from Jerk Chicken/Pork, Oxtail and Beans, Lasagne and pasta dishes to name a few. Jamaican traditional Fruit Cakes and Snacks are on the list too.

Tel/Text/WhatsApp: 403 966 6041

Gershom Pinoy

Authentic, delicious mouth-watering Filipino dish, desserts and kakanin.

Happy Bear Baking Co.

Happy Bear Baking Co. brings the bear necessities of home baking to anyone with exclusive 20 minute recipe kits, teas, jams, and other goodies.


Our mission to liberate your schedule by supplementing your diet with fresh, convenient, affordable and delicious meals. Backed by a team of certified executive chefs operating in an AHS approved commercial kitchen, our team is here to help you prioritize and achieve those goals! Whatever path you're on, we're here to keep your spending low, your tastebuds satisfied, and your health at its peak! A balanced lifestyle, exactly where you NEED it.​

El dorado Taquitos

El Dorado Taquitos are a tasty Mexican dish that make a great anytime meal and party food. Our delicious taquitos are made with high-quality Mexican-inspired ingredients and have an authentic homemade flavour. These tasty Mexican-style treats are quick to make and yummy to eat!

Tastebuds Caribbean BBQ

We specialize in Caribbean Barbecue food, offering a taste of the islands with some southern barbecue on the side. We cater any event big or small.